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Saturday 12 August 2000, 22:30 BST
I believe the word I'm looking for is " twisted ." [Via Metafilter ]
Zot! Online is shaping up to be a real treat. Scott McCloud is now halfway through the story, and if you're even slightly interested in comics it's well worth checking out the strip, which can be found at Comic Book Resources .
"I could see why, if you're in a factory, you might find yourself jumping around on dangerous conveyor belts moving in different directions," he said. "But why would you have conveyor belts in a castle? Or in the middle of a forest?" The Onion are at it again .
An interesting comparison of the UK and US versions of Big Brother. [Via linkmachinego ]
You are a product: market yourself effectively. Joanna Smith Rakoff writes about another facet of the self-improvement craze. A pretty fair example of the effects of taking the market paradigm just a tad too seriously, methinks. Fine if you're an aspiring artist or some other type of freelance worker, but not a hell of a lot of use to the vast majority of us. [Via Feed ]
"The use of android staff created some early conflicts, which created distrust from then onwards - one team member never fully trusted these resources again." An ISO9000-style post-mortem on the Alien films. [Via NTK ]
Friday 11 August 2000, 22:25 BST
Whatever will they think of next(I)? CobolScript : The Revolution Is Here. [Via Memepool ]
After the recent fuss over web sites exposing users' credit card details , it's nice to see that old-fashioned methods of obtaining confidential information are still alive and kicking. [Via The Register ]
Whatever will they think of next(II)? Textmode Quake . I'm speechless... [Via Memepool ]
Thursday 10 August 2000, 21:55 BST
Twisters on the Sun. The Transition Region and Coronal Explorer has produced some truly astonishing pictures of the solar flares. Take a good look at some of the images on the project's web site , then ponder the relative size of the flares and this planet we're all standing on... [Via Honeyguide ]
What Job Is Right For You ? Apparently my Top Five jobs would be: Computer Game Programmer, FBI Agent, Mathemetician (sic) , Author and Chemist. [Via Bad Hair Days ]
"Our company's moving out of a distributed, hierarchical B-to-B architecture and into a peer-to-peer, B-to-G back-end strategy that's going to ignite our share price and send it back into orbit." Would these people pass the Turing Test ? [Via Salon ]
Big Brother is going to be watching Nicholas especially closely now . I'm astonished at the way that Big Brother has a grip on the nation's imagination: all of a sudden I can't go a day at work without finding someone else who's addicted to keeping up with the adventures of "Nasty Nick" and his housemates. I think that if she doesn't walk out Anna is looking like a good bet to go the distance, but the real question is who else will survive to the last round: I think Darren and Mel are looking likeliest at the moment. And I definitely want to see the reception Nick gets from the crowd waiting when he's voted out. [Via BBC News Online ]
Tuesday 8 August 2000, 22:00 BST
Penguin deserve to be hit over the corporate head with a clue-by-four for using the name of an existing domain, Katie.com , for a book recounting a woman's experience of internet-related child abuse.

The worst part of it is that even if Penguin did agree to retitle the book (which doesn't seem likely, to judge by the report on the fiasco in The Register), it's unlikely that katie.com will be able to go back online without drowning in a flood of misdirected email: once the association between katie.com the domain and Katie.com the book has lodged in people's brains I suspect it'll persist for quite a while. [Via Haddock Directory ]
There have been a string of reports of problems with unmetered internet access in the UK so far this summer, but many of them involved comparatively small operators which always looked vulnerable if they actually got really popular. However, the apparent failure of AltaVista to follow through on its promises of unmetered access is puzzling: having made so much noise back in March, did they really think nobody would notice if they didn't come up with the goods? The Register reports on what appears to be, at best, a sad case of rampant optimism on AltaVista's part.
Rest In Peace, Sir Robin Day . Long before "Paxo" was "stuffing" shifty politicians on TV, Sir Robin Day was pressing ministers to give a straight answer. Question Time was actually worth watching back in the late 70s and early 80s, though in fairness to David Dimbleby this may be as much because back then the ideological chasm between the leading parties made for a much more pointed debate.
Redmond Linux . It's not what it sounds like, but it's still worth watching. Anyone who manages to make Linux a palatable desktop system for non-techie PC users has a shot at making a ton of money, so good luck to them. [Via The Register ]
Amazon .com.org? Here's why . [Via Metafilter ]
Rest In Peace Sir Alec Guinness . I just hope he's remembered for Colonel Nicholson in Bridge on the River Kwai or (my personal favourite) Jock Sinclair in Tunes of Glory , rather than for Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Scott Rosenberg trots out the old " but if you've still got a copy of a file how could I have stolen anything? " argument in Salon to justify Napster users' claims that they're in the right.

He's correct to go on and say that the music industry needs to embrace the concept of online music distribution very, very quickly, but he's still wrong to claim that the use of Napster to distribute other people's intellectual property is anything other than a breach of the law that provides an incentive for people to make their music commercially available.

Yes, it would be nice if the copyright holders and the artists were always one and the same person, and no, the major labels aren't exactly what you'd call a cuddly bunch, but if you use Napster to gain access to copyright material you're still stealing from them.
Sunday 6 August 2000, 21:50 BST
It's unanimous . [Via SatireWire ]
Get your burgers delivered within 30 minutes or the driver commits Seppuku . (This reminds me of the opening chapter of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash . Uncle Enzo didn't like late pizza deliveries one little bit...) [Via Memepool ]

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