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Friday 10 November 2000, 23:25 GMT
Lots of Palm users like the idea of a portable keyboard, but I've always felt that if I wanted a proper keyboard on my travels I'd bring my Psion Series 5 along instead, since the existing portable Palm keyboards are just a little too cumbersome for my liking. Now The Register reports that a company has come up with a roll-up fabric keyboard for the Palm. You can, it's said, roll it up, wash it, even scrunch it up and it'll still work. I'd really like to hear some anecdotal evidence about how it stands up to long-term use, but assuming that it lives up to the manufacturer's claims how could I resist such a positively science-fictional peripheral?

Or, to sum it up in a word: Cool! [Via Techdirt]
I know everyone's probably bored with the US presidential election, but it's proving a prime source of humour for all politics junkies. It's a shame Spitting Image isn't around to give us the definitive Bush-Gore showdown. In the meantime, we'll have to make do with this account by Joel Achenbach in the Washington Post of one way to resolve the Florida deadlock. [Via Metafilter]
Paul Verhoeven has walked away from Basic Instinct 2, allegedly claiming that the script is "sick." Now BBC News Online reports that David Cronenberg will be occupying the director's chair. That should be something to see. [Via the null device]
Getting Serious About White Deviance. Brilliant! [Via Metafilter]
ICANN seem to be determined to squander whatever brownie points they earned as a result of the election of five At-Large Board Members who were supposed to ensure that the interests of ordinary users were represented when decisions were made about the future of the domain name system. Now ICANN have decided that the At-Large members won't be seated on the ICANN Board until the end of the meeting at which decisions are due to be taken about the creation of new Top Level Domains. Last time new members were appointed they were seated at the start of the relevant meeting, so even if ICANN had good reasons for changing its By-Laws in this way (and so far there's little evidence of that) it's a spectacularly cack-handed way to handle the appointment of representatives of the wider internet community. MSNBC has a decent article on the new doubts about the way ICANN is being run. [Via rc3.org]
Wednesday 8 November 2000, 23:15 GMT
German and American scientists have discovered that humans have a second brain. According to a report from Ananova, this auxiliary brain is to be found in the stomach. So the expansion of my waistline means I'm getting brainier? [Via linkmachinego]
The Business Software Alliance has resorted to a new, not remotely frightening weapon in its campaign to persuade us all to forego the use of pirate software: pirate software detector vans. The Register has the full story.
After yesterday's item poking fun at Jakob Nielsen, today it's the turn of Nicholas "Media Lab" Negroponte to be the target of a send-up:
The other day I was thanking my good friend Former President Bush (or ``George'' as I call him) for pulling some strings to get my brother out of that Iran-Contra mess, and he asked me if I knew any hot technologies he could sink his Presidential Pension into. In my opinion, the smart money is on filters. It's getting so you can't read Usenet without seeing that ``Dave Jordan'' Ponzi letter followed by forty replies from dickless wannabes threatening to mail-bomb the poster's sysadmin for the ``innapropriate post.'' Of course, I personally have my staff of Elegant British Women pre-edit my .newsrc for me (God how I envy the British), but that option is not open to the unwired masses outside the Media Lab.
[Via WinerLog]
It turns out that The Onion was more correct than anyone suspected about the result of the US presidential election.
Tuesday 7 November 2000, 23:30 GMT
L Sprague de Camp, one of the greats of the first Golden Age of science fiction, Rest In Peace.
A very funny account of one of usability guru Jakob Nielsen's less successful early forays onto the internet. [Via Bifurcated Rivets]
The Register has details of Microsoft's plans for the next version of Windows: tighter integration of Internet Explorer 6 with Windows itself, some as-yet-unspecified extensions to DHTML, tighter links between Media Player, MSN Instant Messenger and IE6. In short, they should just codename it "Fuck You, Judge Jackson!" and be done with it. [Via Robot Wisdom Weblog]
Sunday 5 November 2000, 22:45 GMT
I forgot to mention this yesterday: a new series (to terrestrial TV viewers, at any rate) of Daria started on Channel 5 yesterday. Why they hide this show away in the middle of Saturday afternoons is beyond me, since Daria is every bit as good as the likes of King Of The Hill and Futurama. It's not as if Channel 5's evening schedules are packed with ratings winners and quality entertainment.
A truly frightening display of ignorance about internet technology. You can tell this guy is in marketing:
The only reason we use www. was to separate the "World Wide Web" from the massive intranets already passing data across the network. The .com comes from the file extension of a command program which is the way DOS (dead OS windows can emulate if needed) and Unix used to show a program and just became directory names as if the pages inside were a program.
Was this actually a beta test of a marketing bot? Perhaps they'd better delay that release date a tad. [Via blog]
Oops! The word "ironic" just doesn't seem strong enough somehow... [Via NTK]

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