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Saturday 28 April 2001, 23:35 BST
Snoopy loses it big time. [Via wherever you are]
The Alistair Campbell Adoration Website. The word "misguided" just doesn't seem strong enough. [Via Bifurcated Rivets]
Mobile phones have become fashion items, suggests Peter Martin in the Financial Times, and appearance has become at least as important as functionality. Why, he asks, hasn't the same thing happened to PDAs or computers? [Via Haddock.org]
Barry Norman is retiring. As you'd expect of someone who's spent thirty years interviewing the stars, he has some good stories to tell. I especially enjoyed the story of Charlton Heston's handkerchief. [Via linkmachinego]
James Norton thinks we should use The Onion's Our Dumb Century to teach history. Sounds good to me...
A trio of thoroughly depressing articles about the sorry state of modern Russian society, and why it got that way. [London Review of Books article via MetaFilter]
A particularly neat computer prank. [Via .:NIMISIS:.]
The 2001 Hugo Award nominations are out. Good to see Ken MacLeod's The Sky Road getting some recognition for best novel and Jo Walton being nominated for the John W Campbell Award in her first year of eligibility. As for Best Dramatic Presentation, I'd be disappointed if X-Men fails to claim the prize.
Tuesday 24 April 2001, 23:45 BST
Borg-Cola: Not the choice of The Next Generation.
[Via bebabo]
While I'm on the subject of geek TV, Tom of plasticbag.org linked to the IMDB's list of Buffy quotes. One of the best aspects of the show is that the Slayer doesn't get all the best lines. To wit:
Angelus: I wanna torture you. I used to love it, and it's been such a long time. I mean, the last time I tortured someone, they didn't even *have* chainsaws.

Cordelia: So does looking at guns make you wanna have sex?
Xander: I'm 17. Looking at *linoleum* makes me wanna have sex.

Principal Snyder: A lot of educators tell students, "Think of your principal as your pal." I say, "Think of me as your judge, jury, and executioner."

Buffy: I told one lie... I had one drink...
Giles: Yes. And you were very nearly devoured by a giant demon snake. The words, "Let that be a lesson" are a tad redundant at this juncture.

Spike: If every vampire who said he was at the Crucifixion was actually there it would've been like Woodstock. I was at Woodstock. I fed off a flower person and I spent six hours watching my hand move.

Willow: I'll give Xander a call. What's his number? Oh, yeah, 1-800-I'm-Dating-A-Skanky-Ho.
Buffy: Meow!
Willow: Really? Thanks. I've never gotten a "meow" before.
Quality stuff, every one. [Via plasticbag.org]
Some Features you may Need on your Computer. [Via Bifurcated Rivets]
Channel 4 have axed Right to Reply. But that's OK, because they've just launched a "statement of commitment to viewers," and in any case we can post to their web site's discussion board. Presenter Roger Bolton is unimpressed with that argument, oddly enough. [Via overyourhead]
I'm down in London for the next couple of days, so there probably won't be any more updates until Saturday. In my absence, why don't you take a look at some of the Weblogs Worth Watching in the sidebar?
Monday 23 April 2001, 22:25 BST
Martin "qwertyuiop" Griffiths has found a list of really bizarre academic research papers. A few personal favourites:
  • Autoerotic fatalities with power hydraulics
  • Ice cream preference: Gender differences in taste and quality
  • Abnormal Blinking of Newscasters
  • 'The Santa Claus Syndrome' Entrapment in Chimneys
  • The deadweight loss of Christmas
[Via qwertyuiop]
Living it large in London. Renée didn't have it so bad, really. [Via The View From Here]
What if our goals are meager and strange? Jennifer Foote Sweeney isn't keen on the notion that parenting has a single, clearly identifiable, socially acceptable goal. Everyone has their own notion of what constitutes "success" in child-rearing:
I, too, am prone to tiny, solipsistic definitions of parental success. One of my earliest declarations of victory came when my eldest daughter was 4 and we were at a party (a circumstance that might easily have been interpreted as a parental failure). As it got late and the gathering wound down, several guests brought out guitars and drums. When the musicians called for requests, Hannah piped up. "Anything by the Velvet Underground!" As far I was concerned, I was done.
Ringtones cost music industry $1m a day. Yeah, right...
David A Webb's Home Page. Oh boy. I feel a site redesign coming on... [Via Metafilter]
Sunday 22 April 2001, 20:30 BST
First things first. I've been updating my sidebar, adding several weblogs I read regularly, culled from the GBlogs Gateway list and/or the link-lists of several weblogs I already read. Some are new, some are just new to me, and a couple have been around for ages but I've only just started paying attention. Enjoy.
Monsanto Clause. A highly worthwhile rant on the problems of global trade. [Via Robot Wisdom]
No hiding place: Bryan Appleyard on Britain's surveillance state. Appleyard says nothing that hasn't been said before, but it's good to see the mainstream media noticing what's going on.

The question is, why isn't this a major political issue? Is it really that we're so scared of crime that we'll swallow any trampling of our civil liberties? David Brin's vision of The Transparent Society looks more appealing with every passing year.
"Salman Rushdie, move over. Britney Spears is here and she is the greatest writer ever!!!" Uh-huh... [Via timewasting]
Fantasy Death Row. I'd like to think this was a spoof, but I don't see any obvious signs. [Via Memepool]
Judging by Roger Ebert's review, I don't think I'll be bothering to queue to see Tom Green's directorial debut. [Via CamWorld]
Police dogs with titanium false teeth. Ow! [Via Metafilter]
UK News: PY Gerbeau Begins Work on "The Foot And Mouth Experience."
CueHack. The very definition of a Neat Hack. [Via the null device]

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