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Saturday 23 June 2001, 22:15 BST
This Page Is Too Blonde and Too Glitter. Could this be Helen from Big Brother's web page? [Via Big Bro 2]
John Singleton talks to Dark Horizons about his career and his next film, a return to the territory he covered in his superb debut, Boyz 'n' The Hood.
In case you were wondering exactly which rock stars have sold their souls to Satan, the lovely people at Fight The Good Fight Ministries have kindly provided a list. Unfortunately as yet they haven't provided the specific justification for their verdict on every artist in their list. I mean, the reasons for the likes of Marilyn Manson or G G Allin being on the list are pretty obvious, but what did The Carpenters ever do to earn their place? [Via Plastic]
Roll up for the 6th Annual Air Guitar World Championships. [Via User Friendly Link of the Day]
Wired News have spotted the first sign of a revival in the New Economy: a T-shirt. [Via Techdirt]
JimFormation. Very droll.
Foot In Mouth Disease

WIFE: Sorry about last night. The wine really knocked me out.
JIM: That's all right. I like it that you were relaxed and nice.
JIM: ... err ... nice and relaxed.
WIFE: Too late.
JIM: Damn.
Friday 22 June 2001, 23:15 BST
Brainsluice brings you your very own personalised edition of The Jerry Springer Show.
Summer wishes. Be sure to stick with it until the end. [Via /usr/bin/girl]
Andrew Sarris gives AI a rave review. Sounds highly promising. [Via plasticbag.org]
Microsoft's Really Hidden Files. If you ever wondered about the lengths Windows and Internet Explorer go to to squirrel away information about what you do with your PC and keep it away from prying eyes, including yours, this is a good place to start. [Via NTK]
Thursday 21 June 2001, 23:20 BST
Custom cases, or, Computer Camouflage. [Via /usr/bin/girl]
Child robbed of ice cream at gunpoint. I can't be the only person who's wondering whether a six year-old is really capable of distinguishing between a real gun and a toy, can I?

Not that this doesn't make it a traumatic experience for the kid, but given the fact that the police appear to be relying upon the six year-old's statement alone, isn't starting the story "Armed youths robbed a six-year-old girl of her ice cream at gunpoint" just a tad premature? Throwing a few words and phrases like "alleged" or "suspected" or "what may have been" would probably help quite a bit, even if it would lessen the story's impact. [Via SeeThru Weblog]
The International Campaign to Ban Winmine allegedly wants to persuade us all that it's offensive and disrespectful to play Minesweeper on our PCs. Assuming that this isn't a wind-up - I'm starting to think that The Register, although valuable for its caustic perspective on the IT industry's PR bullshit, is a bit too credulous when it comes to offbeat stories - it's a pretty dismal notion. [Via MetaFilter]
Book Crossing: set your old books free by leaving them for strangers to pick up, then track where they go next and what people think of them via the web. It's a neat idea, but I don't think I'll be joining in. I mean, I couldn't bear to let any of my books go. You never can tell when you'll fancy a re-read... [Via pie in the sky]
Cause for celebration. Freakytrigger is back up, and very welcome it is too. Tanya still Hates Music with a passion, while Tom points out that Pop Is Dead. Good stuff.
The Date-My-Sister Project. Damn funny stuff. [Via web-goddess]
Wednesday 20 June 2001, 23:40 BST
How appropriate. [Via frownland]
A simple but very striking Astronomy Picture of the Day.
Salon profiles Mel Brooks, who's just picked up an armful of Tony awards for the Broadway version of The Producers. As far as they can tell, he's the only Tony winner ever to thank Hitler in his acceptance speech...
The page is too stupid. Heh. [Via MetaFilter]
Amen. Amen.
While it is certainly not the place of myself nor my staff to lay condemnation upon this unholy lot of HELLBOUND homosexual non-KJV reading liberal wussies it is clearly within our discretion to allow them to wallow in their sin as well as of course their imminent eternal damnation so bring it on bad boys and show Papa Satan what obedient little stewards of evil you all are. Amen. I just hope for your sakes he rewards you in hell by allowing you to hang with him in his lava jacuzzi which of course he will be unable to do as he will be bound in chains for eternity with his crew of fallen angels but that's another subject entirely. Amen.
[Via memepool]
Ugly and self-obsessed footballers. [Via blogjam and linkmachinego respectively]
Hacking TiVo: the end of the affair? Or, how to screw up a good business idea in one easy lesson.
Big Buffy. Six characters, one winner. Damn funny. [Via orbyn.com]
Terrific cartoon parody of The West Wing. A lengthy download (at least, it is if you're on a 56K or worse connection) but worth the wait. [Via MetaFilter]
Really nice Flash map of the London Underground network. [Via linkmachinego]
Tuesday 19 June 2001, 22:15 BST
Jon Carroll spills the beans about his years working for the Office of Domestic Tranquility:
Our job was to promote harmony. We provided the catchphrases, slogans and punch lines that made America a better place in which to live. It was in that capacity that I wrote, "I hate when that happens."
Melissa of pie in the sky is taking part in a Blogathon: 24 hours of non-stop blogging, all in aid of charity. If you're interested in either participating or sponsoring someone, check out the Blogathon site.
Bills, bills, bills. Meg reminisces about the most stressful aspect of student life. Thankfully, I didn't go through all this when I was a ("mature"/nontraditional age) student. Instead of going into shared accommodation, in my one year out of halls I just found someone with a spare room and paid a simple monthly rent bill that covered everything. Much simpler all round: I wasn't in it for the full-on "student life experience" anyway...
If guys came with serial numbers.
Model #4488: I Own Three Cats, And Barbra's Farewell Concert On DVD, But I Refuse To Admit That I Just Don't Dig Girls That Way Guy. Wholesale customers should ship dead stock back to our service center for a credit. Users just aren't buying this one no matter how far retailers mark it down.
[Via Bad Hair Days]
Watching Paint Dry.Yes, it really is a webcam. [Via Bifurcated Rivets]
DangerShirt.com. If you're really intent upon provoking a random stranger into beating the crap out of you, these are the people to go to. [Via web-goddess]
Are you having a Quarterlife Crisis? Clay Risen gleefully savages the latest attempt to define the twentysomething generation.
Microsoft are at it again. Nick Petreley was right:
"After all, how do you give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt when you know that if you throw it into a room with truth, you'd risk a matter/anti-matter explosion?"
[Via MetaFilter]
Monday 18 June 2001, 23:45 BST
The London Chamber of Commerce calls for random drug testing at work, especially for young women:
The emergence of a new generation of heavy-drinking, drug-taking female professionals has been blamed by the chamber for an increase in lost working hours and absenteeism.
Or in other words, the women are just catching up with what's been tolerated from young male professionals for years. Granted the drug of choice might be different, but how is this any different from the boozy lifestyle traditionally followed by young, single employees?

For that matter, if the concern is over the costs of business of sub-par performance by employees shouldn't employers' normal procedures for monitoring work performance be capable of picking this up without having anyone pee into a cup? The bottom line is that unless their jobs involve life-or-death decisions, employees have every right to a private life. [Via web-goddess]
Wow! At first glance I assumed this was an artist's impression, but apparently it's real. All 300 million tons of it! [Via linkmachinego]
Sunday 17 June 2001, 22:45 BST
If you thought Big Brother was the height of voyeuristic TV, read this.
A very cute, very funny picture. [Via bluetterfly]
Jennie Bristow on the downside of New Labour's obsession with employment.
You may have heard of the Street Performer Protocol, a mechanism by which it's been suggested that musicians and other creative artists whose livelihoods may be threatened by the rise of file sharing technologies can be recompensed by setting up a system by which fans awaiting their next book/album/game can agree to pay a set amount in advance, subject to the work being delivered, and to the artist deciding that enough funds have been pledged to make it worth their while to actually write/record their next piece. Now Chris Rasch has come up with the Wall Street Performer Protocol, another application of the same principle, this time aimed at putting software developers in touch with people wanting custom software written.

I can see the "street performer" principle working a lot better with software than it would with music. It's a lot easier to map out in advance what your next piece of software will look like than it is for an artist to explain where inspiration might take them next. I can imagine Radiohead fans demanding their money back after paying in advance for Kid A.
AbiWord is a rather neat cross-platform open source word processor which is still in development but is already pretty stable and with a decent range of features (though I won't be really happy with it until it can do styles). It's also capable of dealing with a decent range of document formats, including HTML, Palm Document, PsionWord, WML, non-bloated HTML and Latex, with more on the way. If you're not tied to a particular word processing package, it's well worth checking out. Here's an interview with one of the developers, in which he explains where they're going next and why.
The Holy Bible Deciphered. Find out The Truth about the start of Genesis chapter 2:
Can you think of a more descriptive way to explain in where the sexual parts are (immune system) and their great importance to the sustenance of the body. The immune system is something medicine is still struggling to understand, one day I will explain this paragraph and its mysteries much more fully and bring modern medicine a few hundred years into the future, so it can correct many problems today.
And there's much, much more like this... [Via /usr/bin/girl]

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