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Saturday 7 July 2001, 23:10 BST
Whatever happened to the first set of Big Brother housemates? Jon Ronson found out.
Web browser nostalgia. Ever wondered what your web site looks like in Mosaic or Internet Explorer 2? The Browser Emulator lets you take a look. [Via ukbloggers mailing list]
N'Sync versus the Beach Boys. A nice story from Melissa.
Horny killer fish. Hilarious. [Via a fire inside]
Bruno Waterfield points out just how devalued the term "liberty" has become in what passes for political debate nowadays.

When all major political parties agree that our liberties should be sacrificed in the interests of the war on drugs/crime/delinquency/child porn/dissent, where does that leave civil libertarians?
Sociospookster! v1.1. Class.
Friday 6 July 2001, 23:30 BST
The Armageddon Bra. [Via Memepool]
Google adds another cool feature: Zeitgeist.
When Movies Collide.
The Pillow Talk Book – Doris Day can’t stand sharing a party line with sleazy Rock Hudson. So she flays him and uses his skin as a parchment on which to write a chirpy musical number.

Dr Who Dares Wins - Due to a breakdown in the navigation systems of his TARDIS, Tom Baker finds himself drafted into the SAS.
I'd gladly pay to see either of those. [Via not.so.soft]
Taxation. The final frontier. [Via SeeThru Weblog]
Could games consoles be the bridge to the information age for the developing world? If they're deployed sensibly as a tool for internet access for each village, they could certainly be a lot more plug-and-play and bulletproof than a PC.

The big question is whether the problem of obtaining internet access is, or should be, anywhere near the top of the list of priorities for these communities, but I don't see that a relatively small-scale experiment can hurt. [Via MetaFilter]
Thursday 5 July 2001, 23:15 BST
The Linux Kernel Fuck Count. I'll bet those nice people at Microsoft don't let their programmers put swear words in their source code. Instead, their software just causes its users to swear several times a day. [Via my 2p]
Richard Dawkins interviewed in The Independent. I think he's right to try to step back from his position as Britain's unofficial First Atheist and try to focus more attention on his love of science. Dawkins' comment towards the end of the interview speaks volumes:
"I've sometimes thought about this. Would I be discomfited if, say, Darwinism turned out to be wrong and the truth about the guiding force of evolution, why things are so beautiful and so – apparently – well-designed, turned out to be something else?" He pauses briefly and then his eyes widen at the thought. "I would be fascinated...
[Via Arts & Letters Daily]
Tori Amos is going to release an album of cover versions. I can imagine her taking on Neil Young's Heart of Gold or 10CC's I'm Not In Love, but the Boomtown Rats' I Don't Like Mondays could be horrible.
Humourless corporation sues newspaper, proves that there is such a thing as bad publicity. [Via Plastic]
That stunning iceberg picture I pointed to the other day turns out to be a composite. Thanks to Kris for bringing this to my attention, and Snopes for providing the evidence.
Wednesday 4 July 2001, 21:10 BST
TNN Presents Jesus The Monster Truck. Formerly the Stryper Tour Van. [Via Miss Bitch]
Terrific Picture Of The Day at LazyGecko.net.
Cats & Dogs sounds as if it's going to be well worth a look.
Not the sort of job ad you see every day. [Via my 2p]
Tuesday 3 July 2001, 23:55 BST
The Geek Timeline. A few of these are a bit questionable, I'd say. I know My So-Called Life had a cult following in its day, but just because Angela Chase was bright and a little socially awkward that doesn't make her a "geek." I'd say there has to be some element of techie interest to qualify someone as a geek. [Via brainsluice]
GRIN. That's GReat Images in NASA. Not so many astronomical images as you might think, but tons of great pictures of hardware. [Via little green footballs]
Andy Dehnart ponders how formulaic The Real World has become ten years on. I guess that's the penalty you pay for pioneering a whole new sub-genre of TV.
It's not every day someone announces they've discovered a new world.
Monday 2 July 2001, 23:40 BST
Now that's what I call a retirement home. [Via Jen-X]
If Network Engineers Ran The Country.
No London - 3 hour commutes would be over, those who can't telework go to the nearest city. London is a central point of failure.
The Industry Standard compares the building of the internet to the Suez Canal: a grand, wildly ambitious infrastructure project that overcame a financial crisis to become immensely profitable. I just wish this article didn't reinforce the notion that the purpose of this internet thingie is to facilitate commerce above all else. [Via Blog.org]
Gays Prevent Tornados; Baptists Cause Them. How can you resist an article with a title like that? [Via Found]
Kristin Thomas and her husband share a guilty secret, a furtive little habit she can only now bring herself to confess to the world at large.
Conversational terrorism. There was a good deal of this going on in tonight's Big Brother highlights show, what with Paul vs Elizabeth, then Paul vs Amma. (Paul is getting cocky now: he's so out of there this week.) [Via MetaFilter]
Sunday 1 July 2001, 22:40 BST
AI: Artificial Intelligence has been getting distinctly mixed reviews in the States. The concensus seems to be that Spielberg imitating Kubrick is inferior to Spielberg being himself, but most of the reviewers seem to agree that it's at worst an ambitious failure.

Given that mainstream Hollywood science fiction films with any sort of ambition at all beyond wowing the audience us with whizz-bang SFX are so rare, I'm still more than happy to give it a chance. Roll on September 21st.
Human Bone Jewellery. Ewwww! [Via a fire inside]
George Clooney has responded to suggestions that he was responsible for breaking up Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt:
'I didn't have time. I was too busy breaking up Tom and Nicole's marriage.'
I can just picture him delivering that line. I knew there was a reason I liked Gorgeous George so much. [Via Three Way Action]
Can you pass the Guided Missile Trivia Quiz?
30. What is an MX missile's modestyshield? In targeting parlance, what does it mean to say one's warhead is aimed at a bra factory? What does it mean to say that the Soviet missile-sub force has a higher indiscretion rate than American subs? How does your hotel power affect your indiscretion rate?
[Via Memepool]
Things I Will Do If I Am Ever the Vampire.
27. I will take seriously anyone who approaches me with a water pistol and a confident expression.
34. All future concubines will be screened and have complete background checks. Those with relatives named Van Helsing will be removed from consideration. The irony is not worth the risk.
[Via rec.arts.sf.written]
MI5 once planned to recruit specially-trained gerbils. No, I am not making this up! [Via grayblog]
Pamie is packing it in. I only really got into reading her site on a regular basis in the last month or two, but even I can tell that she was very funny and a good writer, and her journal will definitely be missed. I'm glad she's still going to do recaps for Mighty Big TV. [Via MetaFilter]
Jonathan Kay wonders whether the new Star Trek series will finally feature a homosexual character. The rest of us wonder whether it matters in a world with Willow and Xena 'n' Gabrielle and Queer As Folk and Ellen and (for UK viewers) Anna, Brian and Josh from Big Brother and Warren from This Life.

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