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Saturday 21 July 2001, 23:30 BST
The Road to Springfield is down to the Sweet 16. After two rounds of carnage and a couple of major surprises (who'd have thought Dr Nick would overcome Waylon Smithers?), there are even more thrilling match-ups to come: Ned Flanders vs Apu, Willy vs Chief Wiggum (too close to call), Comic Book Guy vs Moe.

I still think the final's going to pit Montgomery Burns against Abe Simpson.
The Onion is back:
300 Naked Women Feared Lost In Computer Crash
ELLICOTT CITY, MD-- An estimated 300 naked women, including actresses Pamela Anderson and Shannon Elizabeth, are feared lost as the result of a tragic computer crash Monday." One minute, they were there, and the next, they were gone," said a visibly shaken Jonathan Blauvelt, 33, the Ellicott City resident whose Power Mac G4 was the site of the disaster. "To lose so many young girls in the blink of an eye like that, it's hard to comprehend. Angelina Jolie, Anna Kournikova, the chick from Species--it's just too much to bear." As data-recovery workers comb through the hard drive for signs of ass, Blauvelt is asking well-wishers to pray for the naked ladies' safe return.
Colin Powell refuses to serenade his fellow foreign ministers. [Via MetaFilter]
What the Protesters in Genoa Want. [Via David Grenier]
Friday 20 July 2001, 23:25 BST
Give any web site a facelift with Fulifier. [Via MetaFilter]
Are You In The Big Brother House?
Has a disembodied voice announced that your "weekly task" is to build an accurate scale model of the human genome using just a box of tooth picks and some California Raisins?
The Sounds of Passion. Some choice tracks here, including:
4. Sexual Sound FX: Comical Ejaculation
25. Men: Canadian Man Climaxing
99. Action: Smoking
[Via Found]
Thursday 19 July 2001, 23:35 BST
Can Nora Batty become the internet's most downloaded woman? [Via Found]
Yeeeeessssssss!!!! Read the story: do I really need to explain myself?
And The Bride Wore ... Very, very funny. Ladies, would you dress like an extra from Mars Attacks! on your wedding day? How about this lovely number? [Via Making Light]
theyrule. A stunning Flash-based site that actually serves some useful purpose. No doubt a version dealing with the aristocracy of British finance and politics would look equally incestuous. (Though as of today there would be a hole in the web of influence where Jeffrey Archer used to be! Tee hee.) [Via Rebecca's Pocket]
The EU: the CD. [Via pie in the sky]
What if Dubya ran football?
3) All future penalty appeals to be heard by the US Supreme Court. All appellants to then be executed by lethal injection.
[Via MetaFilter]
Terrific Picture of the Day at LazyGecko.net.
Wednesday 18 July 2001, 22:40 BST
Turkey to require female medical students be virgins. No comment required, I think. [Via SeeThru Weblog]
"You. Have. Personally. Destwoyed. The Conservative party!" This is going to be such a fun leadership campaign. Who said politics was getting boring?
Why does the shower curtain float inwards? (New York Times - free registration required.) Another of life's little mysteries solved. [Via web-goddess.co.uk]
What I Learned From My Game Boy Advance Manual. [Via a fire inside]
The Online Feng Shui Bible. [Via 3 Bruces]
Internet Not a Threat to Repressive States, according to Yahoo! News. I'd think that's a pretty misleading headline. Give it a decade or two, then we might be able to start to answer questions like this. [Via MetaFilter]
Tuesday 17 July 2001, 23:55 BST
Evil cat attack. The last line of the story is a doozy. [Via Bad Hair Days]
Yet another reason to disable HTML email. [Via MetaFilter]
The Top 10 Worst Movie Sequels. Mostly (un)worthy choices, but I think the top choice (Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace) is far from the worst sequel ever. Batman & Robin, at #2 in this list, was a far more awful sequel to a couple of pretty good films. Also, The Color of Money is only poor by comparison with the original: it's a very decent film in its own right, if a minor Scorsese work. [Via Lots of Co.]
Teenage myths about contraception. I can understand how an imperfect knowledge of biology could lead to some of these, er, misconceptions, but how the hell could anyone think that having sex while standing on a telephone directory would stop you getting pregnant? [Via dutchbint]
Imagine being trapped in a portable toilet. For three days. In temperatures of over 86 degrees Fahrenheit. No fun at all. [Via //poofle.com]
I've finally got round to updating my link lists with lots of new (to me) weblogs and zines I've been reading lately. Dive in and take a look: there's plenty of good reading there.
Monday 16 July 2001, 23:15 BST
The Secret Agents of Capitalism.(New York Times - free registration required.) A bizarre illustration of the lengths to which marketing campaigns can go nowadays, or just a live version of one of those TV ads featuring beautiful people living their beautiful lives? [Via the null device]
Blair/Brown slash fiction. I feel so dirty... [Via Making Light]
Social spiders. Omigod! They're ganging up on us! [Via Inessential]
Cheerleader Blues. Funny and sad. [Via pie in the sky]
Pixel Pile desktops. Seriously pretty pictures. [Via Bluezfire.Org]
Lego killed the British engineering industry. If only we hadn't given up on Meccano. [Via nocto]
Sunday 15 July 2001, 22:00 BST
If young people have an unrealistic view of marriage, is television to blame? [Via PopPolitics]
The teaser for the forthcoming Spider-Man film looks pretty good, but the poster is a thing of beauty and a joy to behold all by itself.
Talking of Spider-Man, Photographica had a shot of some real life spider-men (see the second link in that entry) yesterday.

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