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Saturday 3 November 2001, 22:20 GMT
Living Without Microsoft. A bit sparse on content so far, but a laudable idea. [Via Scalloblog]
Megaflicks. New font required, pronto! [Via NTK]
If you thought the plot of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace didn't make much sense, you might be interested in Ross TenEyck's theory about just what Darth Sidious/Senator Palpatine was up to. I'd love to think that George Lucas had thought things through this well, but I fear not. [Via rec.arts.sf.written]
Never mind Windows XP, what you really need is Ernie XQ.
erniexq is packed with so many new features and enhancements, you may just projectile vomit with excitement mere minutes after booting up the system.
[Via little.yellow.different]
How to lose your girlfriend in one easy lesson. The man's an idiot. [Via nocto]
Gofer Broke. Nicholas Thompson reviews Lawrence Lessig's latest book on the political and technical challenges to freedom of speech on the internet. [Via Arts & Letters Daily]
Like Radiohead on hard drugs. Ana Davis reviews Origin of Symmetry by Muse, and pretty much sums up my view. It's a record best heard in small doses. Or perhaps I'm just getting soft in my old age...

(On the other hand, I must mention that the new albums from Garbage and Pulp are well worth listening to in full. Classy stuff.)
Friday 2 November 2001, 23:30 GMT
Jakob's Crackers. [Via plasticbag.org]
"Cat fighting sex kittens no pussies." Probably the best MetaFilter thread title ever. (Quoting it'll probably get this page a lot more search engine hits too.) [Via MetaFilter]
Thursday 1 November 2001, 23:20 GMT
A bridge designed by Leonardo da Vinci almost 500 years ago has finally been built in Norway. It's a nice bridge and all, but it's not a patch on the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. [Via nocto]
Linux is making inroads in an unlikely market: Hollywood special effects houses. What's really interesting is that the rise of Linux appears to be changing the business culture of the effects houses, encouraging more sharing of technological developments even between rival companies.
"Like trying to eradicate cancer cells with a blow-torch." Sir Michael Howard - the historian, not the Conservative politician - on the "war" against terrorism. Sane, clear-sighted stuff. [Via rc3.org]
Wednesday 31 October 2001, 23:55 GMT
Katharine Mieszkowski interviews Barbara Mikkelson, one half of the husband-and-wife team behind snopes.com, about urban legends after 9-11.
Orisinal : Morning Sunshine. A really nice collection of small but stylish Flash games. [Via a fire inside]
Tuesday 30 October 2001, 21:45 GMT
Donnie Darko: Rushmore meets American Beauty meets Back to the Future. Sounds intriguing. [Via Salon]
The government is taking steps that might lead to the legalisation of public wireless networks. This could be very interesting, unless the "drive-by spammers" kill the concept off before it gets going. [Via David Brake's Blog]
BBC Literal Illustrations Department really getting stuck in. [Via NTK]
Elaine isn't the only one: this story makes me feel positively ancient too! How the hell can any British resident old enough to have a job not remember Doctor Who? [Via littlebluefox.com]
Monday 29 October 2001, 22:35 GMT
Powder keg. Decca Aitkenhead reports on the effect of the anthrax scare and the Current Situation on the drugs trade. If your business involved transporting significany quantities of white powder wouldn't you be worried right now?
Bryan Appleyard expends entirely too much intellectual energy on the subject of Kylie's comeback. [Via false azure]
Cleaning the Fucking Kitchen For Dummies. Learn how to clean the fucking kitchen so your flatmate doesn't kill you! [Via As Above]
Sunday 28 October 2001, 22:10 GMT
Is it broken? [Via I Love Everything]
Do you want a car that empathises with you and tries to cheer you up? If so, Toyota and Sony are working on it. (Just don't expect me to go near the damn thing!) [Via Davezilla]
NASA have captured an image that shows the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis at the same time. OK, so it's not actually useful in itself. But it's very, very cool.

It's been a good month for NASA, what with this story and the fact that the Mars Odyssey unmanned orbiter avoided the Martian anti-spacecraft defences and went into orbit successfully. [Via Apothecary's Drawer]
The Last Post. Lucette Lagnado finds out how one particular US Postal Service worker whose round once included a large fraction of the WTC itself is coping with the aftermath of the disaster. Granted the USPS now has other, white powder-related, concerns, but this small, personal story is still worth noting. [Via linkmachinego]
As if Carnivore wasn't bad enough, the FBI reportedly has another bright idea about how to monitor the internet. Wonderful: let's send every packet, every byte, via the FBI's servers. I feel safer already. [Via MetaFilter]
Terrific photo of a bullfrog rescuing his tadpoles. [Via Spot Light]

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