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Saturday 1 December 2001, 23:20 GMT
Why don't you get your cat a Klaw Control Bag? Getting the cat into the bag might just prove ... interesting. [Via Kate]
An official declaration from the Mayor of Inglis, Florida states that:
"Be it known from this day forward that Satan, ruler of darkness, giver of evil, destroyer of what is good and just, is not now, nor ever again will be, a part of this town of Inglis. Satan is hereby declared powerless, no longer ruling over, nor influencing, our citizens."
Presumably this is the Christian fundamentalist equivalent of those signs left-wing councils used to put up in the early 80s, declaring their borough a nuclear-free zone. [Via MetaFilter]
Friday 30 November 2001, 22:25 GMT
George Harrison, musician and film producer, Rest In Peace.
Anime: not just harmless fun. Utterly hilarious. (And yes, it is a spoof. Take a look at the site's Mission Statement.) [Via MetaFilter]
Thursday 29 November 2001, 22:35 GMT
It's not fair! Why can't we have banknotes featuring pictures of penguins? [Via /usr/bin/girl]
Jeanette Winterson remembers Mary Whitehouse and Charlotte Coleman. This sums it up pretty well:
During her long life, Whitehouse never liberated anybody. Coleman, in her too short life, was a free spirit whose acting freed others.
[Via [parallax view]]
That's one seriously soggy moggy. [Via dutchbint.org]
It looks as if Symantec will be helping the FBI spread Magic Lantern. Assuming that US vendors feel compelled to assist the FBI in breaking into users' computers, there seem to be two ways this can go. Either we're going to end up with the US antivirus software firms selling an "International" version of their product which is capable of detecting Magic Lantern, or else there'll be a very obvious increase in business for antivirus suppliers based outside the US, such as Frisk Software International, who produce the excellent F-Prot. (Unless, that is, the EU is content to allow the FBI bug every PC in Europe if it so desires. I can't believe even New Labour would think that's a good idea.) [Via MetaFilter]
Wednesday 28 November 2001, 22:00 GMT
Human Embryo Cloned: Can "Chain" Stores, "Subdivisions," Be Far Behind? Sheep-Like Inhabitants Would Prefer Similar Styles in Music, TV, Cars.
Michael Swanwick's account of the Periodic Table continues, with a neat little story about Manganese.
Tuesday 27 November 2001, 22:40 GMT
Candi shares a fascinating factoid with her readers.
Wired is a very frustrating magazine. For every grossly stupid article like the one declaring that Microsoft's outsourcing of Xbox production means that "Manufacturing is History", or that the internet will be better when everyone's paying by-the-minute-charges for broadband access, they print worthwhile articles on the use of pervasive computing to improve the lives of the elderly and using high technology to ease the effects of rush hour traffic.
Beware the hungry squirrel. [Via not.so.soft]
I wasted far too much time this evening playing table tennis. [Via /usr/bin/girl]
Popular movie sucks life out of visiting lesbian. [Via Haddock.org]
Further to my earlier comments on the FBI's Magic Lantern project, MacAfee are now denying that they've offered to make their products ignore the presence of Magic Lantern. Well, sort of, depending on just how you choose to interpret their statements. [Via rc3.org]
Monday 26 November 2001, 22:35 GMT
Captions Blog. This could turn out to be well worth watching. [Via [parallax view]]
Nice paint job, mister.
Naomi Klein is unimpressed by the opportunists seeking to use the Current Situation to further their commercial interests. Good stuff. [Via MISCmedia]
Look at the pretty lights on that computer. If I ever install this software on my PC, you have my permission to shoot me. [Via /usr/bin/girl]
So Star Wars/The Empire Strikes Back is the greatest film of all time, according to Channel 4's viewers. Yeah, right! (And just why did they treat the two films as one? Why not lose the combo a couple of dozen places by tagging on Return of the Jedi? Or a hundred or so by throwing The Phantom Menace into the mix?)

What's more, it seems that five of the ten greatest films were made since 1990. (Yet somehow not one of them was directed by the Coens!)
Over at //poofle.com, Mike is finding his socks a source of stress.
Sunday 25 November 2001, 22:25 GMT
Pastor Martin Niemöller, adapted for the internet age:
When they come for the Muslims, I will speak up, even though I am not a Muslim. When they come for the spammers, I will speak up and say: 'Hey, you missed that one over there!'
[Via Chris Brooke's Weblog]
I came across online copies of a couple of very funny (albeit very different) pieces I read offline years ago today. The Julie Burchill-Camille Paglia Feud made neither party look very good. P J O'Rourke's How to DRIVE FAST on DRUGS while getting your WING-WANG SQUEEZED and not SPILL YOUR DRINK was one of my favourite pieces from Republican Party Reptile, the first collection of O'Rourke's work I came across. (My other favourite piece from that volume is Ferrari Refutes the Decline of the West.) [Via MetaFilter and linkmachinego respectively]
Academics from Warwick University have found that despite the stereotype internet users tend to be more sociable, more involved in their community and better off financially than non-internet users. Like Meg, I think the spin they put on this is precisely the wrong way round: the first two attributes are almost certainly consequences of the last. [Via overyourhead]
Julie Myerson has written a very strange article in response to the news that Madonna has never changed a nappy. I'm with Myerson's partner on this topic: the phrase "making a virtue out of a necessity" comes to mind. [Via world of jill matrix]

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