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Saturday 12 January 2002, 23:30 GMT
Are Major Asteroids As Dangerous As Predicted? The answer arrives in 2003.
In Japan, the breakup business is big business. The linked article is just so quotable:
"If this wasn't my business, I'd consider a lot of what we do immoral."

"Men can always be seduced if the woman operative is reasonably good-looking [...] That's an absolute. Men are basically simpletons."

"Love is never forever for Japanese men if it starts costing too much,"
[Via I Love Everything]
Friday 11 January 2002, 23:45 GMT
The Scott eVest. I really want one of these. OK, this makes me a total geek. I don't care. Mmmmm, pockets... [Via Memepool]
That's never her head, is it?
The page cannot be fucking displayed. On occasion, I know exactly how this guy feels. [Via Feeling Listless]
Remember the Powerpoint presentation complaining about poor service at a hotel? As you'll see if you follow the link, the presentation has been taken down. What's notable is the cluelessness of the General Manager of the hotel which was the subject of the complaint. First of all, he demanded that the presentation be pulled. Second, once Cory Doctorow took down the presentation following a request from the presentation's creator (who, one might surmise, might just have had an email from the General Manager himself), the manager demanded that Doctorow remove the name of the hotel from his site as he didn't have "permission" to use the name of the hotel.

I'll bet they have their taxes done by KPMG.
Thursday 10 January 2002, 23:55 GMT
The Body. Tonight's Buffy episode on BBC2 was by some margin the best 45 minutes of TV in some time. It wasn't quite perfect - the struggle with the vampire at the climax was a misstep IMHO - but even so the episode demonstrated just how good Buffy can be.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's powerhouse of a central performance was the highlight, but it's fair to say that all the regulars came up with the goods, with Alyson Hannigan and Nicholas Brendon especially fine. All in all, this episode was the clearest demonstration yet that this cast can handle pretty well anything Joss Whedon chooses to throw at them.
You go, girl! Over at smartass.nu, Candi delivers an awesome rant.
Fire and Motion. Joel Spolsky on how Microsoft's tactics keep their rivals pinned down. [Via rc3.org]
Industorious Clock. Nice. [Via Pop Culture Junk Mail]
When I linked to the Geek Hierarchy the other day, I hadn't noticed there was also a link to an expanded version, featuring still more subspecies of geek. [Via Making Light]
Behind You! Protecting the right to play computer games at work.

I have a feeling that the use of this device would get you sacked at my workplace in about a nanosecond flat. [Via Bifurcated Rivets]
Monday 7 January 2002, 23:10 GMT
Apple are launching a new iMac with a nice flat LCD screen and a dinky little system unit. I can certainly see that the new design is a big win in terms of desk space, but since many home PCs are now based around tower cases mounted on the floor it's not clear to me that this would be a really major attraction. Then again, I didn't think the original all-in-one iMac design was a winner, so what do I know?

I'm still mulling over the possibility of going the Apple route for my next PC, but this new design isn't going to sway me one way or the other. [System unit photo via MetaFilter]
When Headlines Go Bad. Two stories I'm linking to as much for their wonderful headlines as because of their content: ["Bank-robbing Bonnies" story via off the proverbial heezy]
Celebriducks for the Connoisseur. I particularly like the Godfather of Soul, Mr James Brown.[Via Boing Boing]
Space rock hurtles past Earth. Paging Mr Willis ... paging Mr Bruce Willis... [Via Grayblog]
I'm going to be in Manchester for the next couple of days, so there'll probably not be any updates here until Thursday night. In the meantime, feel free to check out some of the excellent Weblogs Worth Watching listed in the right-hand column.
Sunday 6 January 2002, 22:20 GMT
A Brazilian TV weatherman may be brought up on criminal charges after he incorrectly forecast heavy rain. [Via MetaFilter]
As I type this, John Boorman's flawed-but-fabulous Excalibur is on TV. I love this film: Nicol Williamson's Merlin is most definitely convincing as a being from another reality entirely, and the film looks sumptuous.

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